De Jongh IT Consultancy is mainly focussed on Software Testing, Test Managment and Test Support within HRIS.

With over 23 years of Software Testing experience, De Jongh IT Consultancy can serve you within multiple disciplines (see skills). Since 2018 De Jongh IT Consultancy has been exclusively involved in Workday projects.

De Jongh IT Consultancy is registered as a sole proprietorship in the trade register
Chamber of Commerce registration number: 08184058 | VAT identification number: NL001650538B05


De Jongh IT Consultancy possesses a combination of technical and managerial skills to effectively oversee testing activities in a Workday implementation. Key skills include:

Workday Expertise:

IIn-depth knowledge of Workday modules, functionalities, and configurations to design comprehensive test scenarios.

Test Management:

Strong understanding of testing methodologies, test planning, and execution, ensuring the quality of Workday deployments.

Team Leadership:

Ability to lead and manage a testing team, providing guidance, support, and fostering collaboration among team members.

Communication Skills:

Effective communication to liaise with stakeholders, developers, and other teams, conveying testing progress, issues, and resolutions.


Quick and effective problem-solving skills to address issues that arise during the testing phase and ensure smooth project progress.

Test Automation:

Familiarity with test automation tools to optimize and automate testing processes, improving efficiency and reliability.

Analytical Skills:

Strong analytical skills to assess complex business processes, identify potential areas of risk, and develop robust test strategies.


Thorough documentation skills to create detailed test plans, test cases, and reports to track and communicate testing progress.

Quality Assurance:

Commitment to ensuring the quality and accuracy of Workday configurations and integrations through comprehensive testing practices.


Ability to adapt to changes in project scope, timelines, and priorities, ensuring testing activities align with overall project goals.

Vendor Management:

If working with external vendors, skills in managing vendor relationships and ensuring deliverables meet quality standards.

Overall, it takes a blend of technical acumen, leadership skills, and effective communication to successfully manage and execute testing processes within a Workday environment.


Wouter de Jongh's resume is only provided upon request. For an overview of recent assignments, I refer you to the overview on LinkedLinkedIn